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Yet Another Side Project

I know there are quite a few Macintosh folks on my flist. The rest of you can move along; nothing to see here.

A lot of folks in the Mac community are familiar with, a long-time Mac troubleshooting and forum site that's been with us for about thirteen years. I have been a MacFixIt forum user for nearly that entire length of time, and managed to rack up just over 12,000 posts during my stay there.

Alas, all good things1 must come to an end; recently, Cnet News bought MacFixIt and closed it down.

Which is a damn shame, because the forums there represented what was arguably, minus a few hiccups, one of the best Macintosh communities on the Web.

So I opened my mouth, which is often foolish, and said hey, wouldn't it be cool if some enterprising person set up a forum to replace it and we could all move over there? And other folks said hey, great idea, Tacit, when will you have the new place ready for us?

So I am pleased to announce the formation of a brand-new Mac community, Fine Tuned Mac.

Anyone out there who's interested in a Mac community, I invite you to join us! We don't bite2, and if you need any troubleshooting help, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable bunch3.

1 Except me, and many of my friends and partners, I hope.

2 Much.

3 Well, us and TechSurvivors, another Mac troubleshooting forum I like and recommend.
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