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Urban Decay: Seattle's Gasworks Park

Several weekends ago, zaiah and I went up to Seattle for the weekend. One fo the hilights of the trip while I was there was visiting Gasworks Park, a large public part down on the waterfront, built on the site of an old and long-abandoned coal gasification plant.

We met up with peristaltor while we were out there (and as a side note, if you don't read his journal, you should--it's one of the smartest reads on LiveJournal).

The old gasification equipment is still there, slowly crumbling into rust. Some of it is now fenced off, which is a damn shame--I'd love to spend an afternoon with a couple of models and about forty feet of rope out here. I'm told the fences are new; and to some extent, I can kind of understand it--if some damn fool falls off one of these things and busts his head open, I guarantee the first thing he's going to do is retain a lawyer to sue the city, before he even gets stitched up, even though it's not "the city" what put his ass up there in the first place.

Anyway, I spent a good bit of time taking pictures, because that's what I do, and now I'm going to bust your bandwidth, because that's also what I do.




There were three wedding parties here the same day we were. It's an unorthodox setting for a wedding, I'll warrant, but I highly approve.

I mention this because if I ever start a religious cult, I think the cult services will look something like this:

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