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False Advertising

So a few weeks back, zaiah and I went shopping, and found a bargain basement bin of B-movies (say that ten times fast!) for about five bucks each.

Some of the movies were cheesy old low-budget horror flicks that have been re-released on DVD by a company which uses a woman being ravished by a tentacle monster as their logo:

Now, I may be a purist, but I don't think that anyone should be allowed to put a picture of a woman being ravished by a tentacle monster on the front cover of any DVD that does not actually contain scenes of a woman being ravished by a tentacle monster. That is DEFINITELY false advertising, it is.

I also think it's kind of interesting that "woman being ravished by a tentacle monster" has apparently become kind of synonymous with "horror movie." I <3 living in this society...
Tags: pictures, wtf
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