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A dilemma

How do you write about one of the best weekends you've ever had?

A simple chronology doesn't seem to do it justice: My new girlfriend S came over on Friday night, we went out to a goth club, spent the afternoon together with kellyasmith Saturday, my 'other' girlfriend M came over Saturday night, we hosted PolyTampa Sunday, went out to dinner with S's other significant others afterward.

The weekend as I remeber it isn't really a chronology anyway. It's more like a series of impressions, strung together like beads on a necklace:

Making out with S, who normally is moe inhibited about public displays of affection, on the deep couch on the edge of the dance floor, while alternating scenes from "Tron" and "A Clockwork Orange" play on the screens over our heads

Her hands and lips and tongue on me later that night

Waking up to the smell of kellyasmith's cooking the next morning, spending a lazy afternoon curled up on the couch getting some serious cuddle time in

M's whirlwind arrival, and the first real in-depth conversation she and S have had; delighting in how well they get along together

M crawling into bed very late in the morning, waking me up just enough to untangle and curl up with her; falling asleep again between her and S

S's teeth on my neck that morning, arousing me from my sleep; her evil giggle and her Wy don't you see if M is awake?

The look of sleepy delight on M's face when, voyeur that she is, she woke to S's soft moans

kellyasmith laughing: I hear you! I know you're awake!

Discovery: Yes, three people can fit in the upstairs shower; finding out how much fun it is to be sandwiched between two soapy bodies

More kellyasmith cooking; later, a house full of friends

Dinner, and conversation: Philosophy, mishaps with liquid-fuelled model rockets, plans for a trip to Atlanta for decadent chocolate fondue

More extended cuddle time with kellyasmith that night, and Monday morning

Flirting with S on the Webcam while getting ready for work

Even that doesn't do it justice, not really. I feel very blessed and very fortunate to have made the connections I have made in my life, and that the people around me have chosen to share a part of their lives with me.
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