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Of cats and honesty

This morning, I was yelled at most thoroughly by Lucy, one of my inlaws' cats.

I don't know what I did to provoke her, but she was certainly unhappy about something, and let me know about it in no uncertain terms--sitting at my feet and yowling up at me before turning her back on me and walking away. I could swear that cat did it contemptuously, too.

Most animals love me. These cats are the rare exception.

At least the cat is more honest than I am--and than my inlaws are.

We've been spending the week being civil to one another, and trying very hard to pretend that we don't have complete and utter disdain for one another's philosophies, habits, attitudes, beliefs, and likely future destination. It's driving me crazy. I've been hiding in the computer room, working on my web site and staying the hell out of everyone's way.

New Years will be spent with my intentional family--kellyasmith, Shelly, and her sweeties serolynne and Fritz. It should be a much more relaxed and comfortable time--and one I'm really looking forward to.

I'm leaving for San Francisco on the morning of January 4, where I'll be for a week. Still haven't booked my hotel reservations yet, because I'm a bad person. Back in time for PolyTampa, then down to Miami for a graphics show. The merry-go-round, she still be spinnin'...

First, though, surviving the next few days with the inlaws and their cats.
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