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A Christmas Kitten

So it came to pass that zaiah and I went camping in Puget Sound for our seventh anniversary last week.

We took the new conversion van, which I traded my 2-seat Honda del Sol for on the spur of the moment a couple of months back. I have always loved little 2-seat sports cars, and on many occasions throughout the years I've been informed that this particular taste perhaps isn't the most practical for a person in polyamorous relationships. zaiah and I were driving past a used-car lot one evening, and saw the van for about the same price as the book value on my car, so we went in with a del Sol and came back with a van.

Anyway, we went camping in Puget Sound because there's a Tonkinese breeder in that area, and we'd been talking to her about getting a male cat from her to breed with my kitten, Kyla. He was old enough to come home with us the same weekend as our anniversary, so off we went.

The Tonkinese cats she breeds are just beautiful. Anyone who's never met a Tonk is missing out. They are beautiful, intelligent, fearless cats who are very people-focused. This was what greeted us when we arrived. Our new kitten, Beryl, is the blue solid on zaiah's lap.

The first night with us, Beryl insisted on sleeping in bed with us. Under the covers, snuggled up, and purring. He spent most of the night nestled on my legs, preventing me from moving.

Then he moved up to snuggle into my armpit.

When Iwoke up, he crawled onto my lap and refused to let me stand, keeping me stapled to the bed by sitting on my lap and not moving.

zaiah installed hanging cloth shoe shelves in our closet, which we use to store socks and sweaters and so forth.

I should have realized that he was a climber when this became his preferred place to sleep any time we were not in bed.

We are still in the process of finishing our room, which we have been building onto the house for the past several months. The walls have not yet been painted, and the trim and baseboards are not installed yet.

The new bedroom has a ladder up to a loft we've constructed, which we're using as a home office. The ceiling in the bedroom is quite high, so the ladder into the loft (which is bolted to the wall) is twelve feet tall.

Did I mention that the cat is a climber?

zaiah and I were up in the loft one day, getting ready to watch Law & Order on the computer, when we heard a crash and a frantic scrambling down below. The cat was trying to climb the ladder.

"Oh, that's so cute!" I said. I got my cell phone and took a picture.

Then I went back to the loft.

A second later, the cat was up there with us.

He sprang onto the computer keyboard (starting the movie playing in the process) and then sat on my lap as if to say "I'm here! Aren't I clever?"

And he is. This is the most talkative, most athletic, most determined, most curious, and most intelligent cat I've ever owned. That is a very dangerous combination, as it turns out.

The next night, I woke to the sound of claws scrambling on metal. I grabbed my camera and fired off a bunch of shots as the kitten climbed up into the loft.

As I'm typing this, at this exact moment, the kitten is sitting on my lap. In the loft.

Living with him is going to be...interesting.


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Dec. 26th, 2012 06:11 am (UTC)
*amused by Random Loft Handcuffs*

Tonkinese are *glorious* cats -- I think you'll be incredibly happy (although watchful for unexpected adventures) with this little guy!

I love Siamese/Oriental Shorthairs and all related breeds -- grew up with a pair of seal-point Siamese sisters who lived to be 16 and 20, and am currently sharing my life (and, at the moment, my pillow) with the flame-point gentleman in my icon.

I've always heard great things about the Tonk personality -- here's hoping your cheerful, inquisitive new housemate brings you much joy!! (How is he getting along with Kyla so far?)

Last but not least -- happy anniversary!! :D

-- A <3
Dec. 26th, 2012 10:15 am (UTC)
I love Tonks. Sadly, my live-in boyfriend thinks 3 cats is enough.

I used to have an Abyssinian who climbed up to my loft at night, when I was a kid. None of the other cats ever did it. The first time, I was so scared when I heard the noise of something climbing, I said "go away!" and just made myself tiny under the covers... then I saw his face and it was like the dentist had been replaced with Christmas.
Dec. 26th, 2012 01:34 pm (UTC)
Kitten is wondering why you didn't make the ladder from wood...would have been so much easier!
Dec. 27th, 2012 04:16 am (UTC)
It's funny how heavy tiny kittens can be when they're snuggled up on top of you. It's impossible to move out from underneath.
Dec. 27th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
What a beautiful baby! Have fun!
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