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Punching Code
Just released a new version of TinyChat, a freeware point-to-point chat program.

Why use TinyChat instead of AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger or something like that? Because it's point-to-point. You don't need to be a registered user of any service; you can use it in a local area network; and since you don't go through a server, you don't have to worry about someone recording your chat.

I think it's cool.

Fun for Valentine's Day Weekend
kellyasmith, Shelly, myself, and possibly M will be heading into Ft. Myers on Saturday for a big BDSM party...that should be a LOT of fun!

And speaking of Valentine's Day...
It costs about six cents to print a greeting card. Greeting cards sell for about three dollars and fifty cents. That's a profit margin of roughly five thousand, eight hundred and thirty-three percent...a margin that's enviable even in the sex toy industry, much less any other retail industry.

It doesn't take long for a greeting card company to recoup its investment in printing a greeting card design. So you'd think that Hallmark would've figured out by now that not everybody lives the same way.

I mean, c'mon, goddamnit, do they really have to make every card say "To the one I love" or "To the one important person in my life"? Shopping for Valentine's is getting downright frustrating, I swear. I mean, if they're really afraid of upsetting the conservatives, they could always foist the job off on Shoebox Greetings or one of their other subsidiaries...

One lousy friggin' card that acknowledges non-monogamous relationships. There's money in them. Let's get with the program here...

And just for the record:
kellyasmith makes the best damn made-from-scratch homemade chicken soup in the entire world. So there. :)
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