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The boulder, she is moving...

Quotes Out of Context
Her: "I'm a slightly insane, demonic Jiminy Cricket.

In the last few weeks, bishop_henley and I have heard from several distributors wanting to carry Symphony and Onyx, and one person who's talking about providing venture capital for us. Sales are really picking up, too.

This is mostly good news. The bad news is that if we keep selling Symphony units, we're going to be forced to go with a mass-production system, which is expensive; as it stands right now, each one is assembled by hand. But the good news about the bad news is that if we are selling so many that we need to mass-produce them, the money shouldn't be a problem.

kellyannc, Shelly, and I are planning to head to the BDSM play party in St. Petersburg this Saturday evening. We've also been invited to a play party in Ft. Myers in two weeks, which looks like it'll be a blast. I can't wait... :)

No Fun
Yesterday was spent sitting in an auditorium in the Hillsborough County Courthouse. I got called for jury duty. I don't know why they even bother calling me; they'll never let me sit on a jury. It's always the same thing:

"Mr. Veaux, what do you do for a living?"
"I'm a computer programmer, and..."
"Thank you, Mr. Veaux, you're excused."

This time, they didn't even call me for a panel; I just spent the entire day sitting around. I brought my laptop with me, and started working on a substantial overhaul of my Web site, which will be online fairly shortly, so it wasn't a total wash, but...


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Apr. 3rd, 2003 06:31 pm (UTC)
Congratz on the sales, man...you deserve it!

So far I've been called for jury duty twice. First, I came and sat around for two hours, then was excused. The second had me call back day after day for a week without even coming in before telling me that I was excused. *shrug*
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