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Lots going on.

The most recent issue of Xero magazine is finished!! It's done, it's printed, it looks great, I tihnk it's the best issue yet, and I'm very, very happy with it.

We brought it to Necronomicon, an annual science fiction convention, last weekend, where it was a hit; we sold a good number of issues.

The convention was fun, not the least because I got to make my friends lenda and Kiersten run around passing out flyers for the magazine...something about making cute chicks do what I want just really does it for me. Does that make me a bad person? :)

Saturday night we gave a demonstration of Symphony, the Internet-controlled sex toy...which generated a lot of interest. Lots of fun, too!

Sunday after the convention, my wife and my second girlfriend and I had sushi with a group of friends, then went to a local S&M club. THAT was a good time. I brought the girlfriend up on stage and lingered over her with a violet wand for a while; it's always so much fin to see her wiggle and hear her yelp... Later, she returned the favor by putting me against a St. Andrew's cross and giving me a very intense flogging while my wife watched.

It was incredible. For the second time, she made the entire world fold up flat and disappear. I was on such an endorphin rush by the time she was finished, I could barely walk. I felt like I was floating for the next half hour.

And Monday was back to work. Pity, that...
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