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It's Monday...

...and indeed it has been. This has not been a day for Getting Things Done.

Five more days...
...until kellyasmith gets home. She's been visiting her folks in Virginia for over a week, and the bed isn't the same without her in it.

Lions and Tigers and Hyenas, Oh My!
Shelly and I went to Busch Gardens on Saturday, and stayed until an hour and a half after closing. We didn't realize the park had closed, see, and we had to be escorted out by security...


I haven't been to Busch Gardens--a local theme park and wild animal exhibit, for the non-Floridians out there--in quite a number of years. I used to go there often, once upon a time, with an old friend of mine named Robin; our relationship ended on a very bad note, due in no small measure to my own poor behavior, and I haven't returned much since then. It's changed dramatically in the past eleven years.

Shelly got the once-over from a very large lion at a very close distance (think four inches here) who no doubt thought she might be about as tasty as I find her; that was kind of fun.

Peace and quiet, sunshine, and pornography
Sunday brought a trip to Lettuce Lake Park, the place where kellyasmith and I were married. It's a gorgeous nature preserve on teh edge of the Hillsborough River. Shelly and I though it'd be a nice place to get away from the computer for a while.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a poor sense of direction?

I live near the part. I was married in the park. I had to call kellyasmith for directions to find the park.

Yes, I'm lame.

It was a beautiful day, though, and we had a wonderful time nonetheless, observing the tranquil splendor of wild animals devouring each other with ruthless, pitiless determination in the eternal struggle to survive.

Afterward, it was time to make some pornography. With a large, steel battle axe.

The idiocy of the Patriot
Been spending a fair bit of time lately with my friend J., who is in the middle of a nasty divorce from her husband. Said husband is fighting for custody of the kids, despite the fact that he has a past record, abusing the kids.

Apparently, this doesn't matter much to the judge involved in the case, a man with a line of reasoning that goes something like "Well, I see you serve in the military, and everyone in the military is a good person...and I think people deserve a second chance. So I'm going to give you the kids for a while, just don't abuse them this time, okay?"

Where do people like this come from? Do they spontaneously generate from clogged toilets in City Hall? I don't get it.
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