Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

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Random miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam

kellyasmith just asked me "Who are you, and where the hell is my husband?" I've been up since 9AM this morning, for no reason save that living with bandage for two weeks has completely upset the natural order of things and destroyed my sleep schedule. Ordinarily, I try to get out of bed at some time around noon on weekends.

And speaking of weekends...

Heading down to the flight field soon for the RC airplane club meeting, going to try to get my plane in the air today. It's been ready to go for quite a while, but I haven't been able to find a flight instructor, or the time, or both.

The new Matrix movie is almost here! Yesterday, Shelly bought tickets for herself, me, kellyasmith, her roommate, and our friend J. kellyasmith and I are taking the day off work Thursday so we can watch it again. Oh, the pathetic geekness of it all...
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