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Maiden voyage

Got my plane in the air today!!!

Yep, that's right, it actually flies. :) It was a serious hassle, and required far too much work--got out to the field and discovered the radio receiver wasn't wired correctly, the prop nut flew off (twice), the engine doesn't want to idle, but... it flew!

Yes, I'm a complete novice...and yes, I'm quite enjoying being a novice for a change. I love learning things.

A bit of work to do and it'll be ready to go again.

(Yep, that's kellyasmith's car behind the plane--it's that big.)

Working on the plane prior to flight

Taxiing out on the runway--the instructor is handling it in this picture (he's to my left off the edge of the photo)

Going out to the S&M play party at Chambers tonight with kellyasmith, Shelly, her roommate, and J. tonight. Which reminds me--I still need to practice using a flogger in each hand.

Last week, Shelly did some very, very evil things to me. With implements. While I was tied up.

I have figured out a way to exact my revenge on her. In a particularly evil way. Heh heh heh...I'm going to be sooooooo bad, you would not even believe.

Shelly, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.
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