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Is today "Piss Franklin Off Day"?

Is there a sign somewhere that reads, "Hey criminals and bozos, go piss Franklin off?"

First up on the Criminals and Bozos list: the National Small Business Alliance, who decided they'd give me a telephone call and pitch business credit to me.

Problem is, the solicitation call was a tape recording. In Florida (and many other states), using a recording to make a telephone solicitation call is a crime.

So I had to stop what I was doing, track these criminal bozos down, and file a complaint with the State of Florida. Later this week, I'm going to have to hoof it down to the courthouse and file a small-claims-court suit against them, too. Goddamn bastards.

So then...then...get this. Some jackass sends out a bunch of spam advertising a kiddie porn Web site--and forges my email on the spam! I found out about it only because one of the email addresses he sent the Web address to bounced, and since my email was listed as the "From:" address, the bounce message came to me.

So then I had to stop what I was doing again, track down the IP address of this asshole's kiddie porn site, and spend 45 minutes on the phone reporting it.

Spammers these days are increasingly forging the email addresses of known anti-spam activists on their emails. No doubt they think this is clever--"Tee hee, we'll make it look like an anti-spam activist is sending out spam, how funny!" But it's really, really, really stupid, because if any copies of the spam bounce, the person whose email address was forged gets the bounce notification...and anti-spam activists tend to be really, really good at tracking down the source of emails.

So this yahoo thought he could have a laugh at my expense by forging my email address on a solicitation for kiddie porn, and instead he's getting a nose full of bees. Bastard.

The world really needs to quit fucking with me, because dammit, I fuck back.

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