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Of breasts and volts and the clear blue sky

Saturday: Meeting, greeting, doing things Bad and Wrong
Saturday night's play party was a smashing success. Kelly and I accompanied our friend J and her boyfriend; about eighty people there altogether. Kelly and I got things rolling early with a nice long session with the violet wand and the axe. Always good for a show; the axe never fails to get a lot of attention, especially in a darkened room with a shower of sparks cascading off the edge.

It was the first time Kelly's ever played in public; all in all, I'd say it was quite successful.

J did some playing too; she got to feel the wand, attached to a Wartenberg wheel, for the first time.

She said it tickled. That woman is crazy.

Later, a very attractive pair of women approached me and asked if they could see what the wand felt like. Sure, I said, hold out your arm.

"No, not on my arm. I want to feel it on my breasts."

I like evenings like that. :)

May be setting up a photo shoot with one of the two at some time in the near future.

Sunday: Back at the flight field
Much too early, I might add. We didn't get home 'til quite late, and damn, the people like to be at the field early.

Engine problems notwithstanding, I got the plane in the air for quite a while this morning:

Came home, went to bed, and slept like the dead all day long.
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