Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

Does this officially make me a pornographer?

Quite some time ago, I got involved in an IM conversation with a friend who had asked me the question "Why on earth would someone want to be a submissive in a BDSM relationship? What would the submissive possibly get out of it?"

After thrashing around for a while trying to find an answer, I decided to write a short story about BDSM from the point of view of a submissive.

The person I was talking to really liked the story, and suggested that I should write more erotica.

So I started writing on Literotica, and the things I wrote became very popular--much more so than I would have expected. (For a very brief time, a few years back, I had the most read and the highest-rated story on the site.)

So I kept at it, and write a pair of eBooks about a relationship between a highly repressed woman and the man who married her in order to train her as a sex slave. These eBooks got so popular on Amazon that they're paying my rent now.

And now, they're actually real, things-you-can-feel, dead-tree books.

Imagine my surprise.

Anyway, I have some promotional copies of these books, which I've made available on my Web site as a two-book set. Which, if you like, I will autograph for you under my pen name. Check it out!
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