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A Visit to Miss Isadora's School for Wayward Girls

When last I ventured into the land of the frozen North, the vast tundra of snow and ice known to the local Kurgen raiding clans as "vash'Tûl morg Athûl" (the Fields of Death) and to the English-speaking world as "Canada," I had the opportunity to pay a visit to Miss Isadora's School for Wayward Girls.

Miss Isadora, whose full name must for reasons that will soon be obvious be kept from your humble scribe's recounting, had invited me to help her learn some basic skills involving the use of rope, and also to assist her in the photographic documentation of certain activities related to the disciplining of Miss Cassandra, whose real name will likewise be redacted from this tale.

So it came to pass that we braved the gale-force winds and icy cold of vash'Tûl morg Athûl to travel by bicycle to our destination, where Miss Cassandra awaited the sort of stern discipline that only a good Catholic schoolgirl, ever desiring of being steered in the path of the Light, can know.

Miss Cassandra knows that being bound to the path of the Light is an important part of righteousness

Miss Cassandra, whose greatest desire above all else is to be led on the path of Righteousness, accepted the necessity of the corrective hand of discipline with nary a complaint. She is truly a shining example of how one must accept one's role with a meek and gentle heart.

At Miss Isadora's School for Wayward Girls, Miss Isadora takes a direct, involved approach to the spiritual well-being of her charges

Miss Isadora knows the value of leading us all down the proper path. Spare the rope and spoil the nubile flesh, as the famous saying from Proverbs goes. While we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Miss Isadora knows that sometimes just a gentle correction is all that is necessary to restore us to the path.

The power of symbols is not lost on Miss Cassandra, or on Miss Isadora

If Jesus died for our sins, dare we make His sacrifice meaningless by not committing them? This is one of the many ethical questions the students at Miss Isadora's School ponder in Religious Philosophy 201.

Penitence is not a skill that comes naturally to Miss Cassandra, it must be said

It is often true that our progress toward the Light comes in fits and starts. Our striving toward the Good often conflicts with our own baser impulses. Miss Cassandra finds penitence a difficult concept; it is up to Miss Isadora's gentle admonishments to correct her.

Miss Isadora believes a hands-on approach to teaching the Way is best

It sometimes comes to pass that even the most stern verbal corrections are insufficient to show a student at Miss Isadora's school the Way. When a student becomes particularly willful, a more hands-on approach to their spiritual welfare may, from time to time, become necessary. When this happens, Miss Isadora understands that this is, in the end, for the greater good of her charges.

The Good Book teaches us the value of modesty

It is written, "Women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair." At Miss Isadora's school, restraint is an important part of modesty.

The flesh is corrupt; the lash is purity

In this modern, sinful age, we have turned away from the Light. Political correctness has replaced the Truth: the flesh is sinful and corrupt, and must sometimes submit to the purifying caress of the lash to be cleansed. Miss Isadora has not forgotten the old lessons, and Miss Cassandra understands that the wicked flesh must be punished.

Compassion, too, has a place in the education of the fallen

But it should not be assumed that at Miss Isadora's, the rod is the only instrument of governance. Compassion is just as important. After the correction of the lash, Miss Isadora teaches Miss Cassandra the value of the compassionate touch.

Knowledge of sin is the fall from Grace

Miss Isadora understands that to avoid sin, we must first understand it. Her techniques for schooling Miss Cassandra in the nature of sin, the better to help fortify her against it, are unparalleled in their effectiveness.
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