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The More Than Two crowdfunding campaign is live!

We're making this happen!

Yesterday, the crowdfunding campaign for More Than Two,the book about polyamory I'm writing with Eve Rickert, went live, and as of this afternoon we're already north of $2,500 in contributions!

Additionally, Ken Haslam (the curator of the Kinsey Institute polyamory collection) and Alan M (of Poly in the Media) have pledged matching contributions up to $6,000 toward the project.

We hosted a crowdfunding launch party last night that drew people from all over the Western seaboard, including Cunning Minx of the Polyamory Weekly podcast.

Want to get involved and see what's happening? Check out the project on Indiegogo at

Even if you can't support us directly, use the tools on the campaign page to share te campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and so on, and comment on the project in the Comments! That helps boost our exposure, and if enough people do it, we might even make it to the Indiegogo home page!
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