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Is polyamory more evolved? No. No, it isn't.

I've been blogging a great deal about polyamory lately, but I've been doing it over at the More Than Two blog rather than here. And, in typical fashion, I've been so overworked that I haven't been posting the links here on Livejournal. Sigh.

Today's blog post is about poly "evolution." If you hang around the poly community long enough, sooner or later you'll run into someone who says that polyamory is more evolved than monogamy, either in a positive way ("Wow, polyamory is the next stage of spiritual evolution of humanity!") or a negative way ("Polyamory sounds nice and all, but we just aren't evolved enough to make it work").

Either way, it's rubbish. Polyamory is not more evolved, spiritually or otherwise, than monogamy. This blog post talks about why. Feel free to respond over there or here.

Also, in case you've missed them, there are other good blog posts as well:

Eve Rickert talks about being married and polyamorous.

I talk about growing up alienated in rural Nebraska, and how that helped me learn skills useful in polyamory.

I ask the question, are relationships work?

Eve talks about coming out poly.

Eve talks about what integrity is to her.

Eve talks about being a grownup.

I talk about having compassion in tough times, making tough choices, and why some of the things we might think are good ideas in poly relationships are really terrible ideas.

Eve and I have a dialog about using rules as "training wheels" in polyamory and what "Utopian poly" means.

I talk about the difference between moving toward and moving away: relationships where you move toward joy, rather than moving away from fear.

Again, please feel free to comment over there or here.
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