Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

Blog post: What if my polyamorous partners don't get along?

On the More Than Two blog, we've written about a question asked by one of our backers: "What do I do if two of my partners don't get along with each other?" We're certainly getting a workout with our backer questions!

This blog post is a dialog between Eve and me. Here's the teaser:

Franklin: I’ve been in this situation from every angle: having a partner who doesn’t get along with one of my other partners, being the person a partner’s other partner doesn’t cotton to, and having a partner who’s involved with someone I don’t particularly like. [...] When you’re the one who’s in the middle, caught between two partners who aren’t getting along…well, it kinda sucks. It can be easy to end up feeling pulled in two directions. I don’t have a magic solution, though I certainly admire the problem.

Eve: In my experience, it can be hard to hold multiple relationships together without the active support of all your partners for the other relationships, especially if you live with one of them. Situations where partners are just tolerating each other may have a steady undercurrent of stress that can be damaging and hard to manage. But it can be done, and whether you can or want to do it depends a lot on your own coping, communication and boundary-setting skills; your emotional health; and how important both partners are to you.

I don’t have a solution, either, but I think we can offer some management strategies.

The whole post is here. I'd love to hear from folks who've been in this position! Experiences? Thoughts? Strategies? Feel free to reply here or over there.
Tags: polyamory
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