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Sisters of Cathy

Cathy is a long-running comic strip that premiered in 1972 and has graced the pages of American newspapers for the last four decades. In all that time, the entirety of the strip has revolved around five jokes: Cathy is insecure about her weight, Cathy is insecure in her job, Cathy is insecure in her relationship, OMG gender roles, and Cathy likes to shop.

But what if...

What if the insipid innocence of the strip hides a dark secret? What if the world of Cathy is a more dangerous and dramatic place than it seems? What if Cathy lives a secret life of sinister plots and awesome goth music? What if...Cathy is really the heroine of every Sisters of Mercy song?

It turns out it works rather well.

I blame Eve for all of this. We were talking about Sisters of Mercy, my favorite band from back in my goth days, and whether Cathy was still a thing, and...

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: Sisters of Cathy.

My two favorite strips are posted for my backers over on my Patreon blog.
Tags: high weirdness, humor
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