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Monday, Monday, Monday

First, the good news...
Shelly returned yesterday from her weeklong trip to New York City, where she evidently had quite a blast even in spite of the fact that she did not encounter latexiron during his trip. I picked her up from the airport Monday morning.

Next, the Bad news...
I picked Shelly up at the airport. I did not pick Shelly's luggage up at the airport. Someone named Ruth picked up Shelly's luggage instead.

I think Shelly should've taken Ruth's luggage, just to hold hostage or something, but oh well.

I nailed the curb at the airport parking garage in kellyasmith's car, which I had taken so that I'd be able, fit all of Shelly's luggage. Destroyed two tires. Goddamn.

The Cinnabon at the mall by my house is gone. After getting the car fixed and making a trip back tot he airport to fetch Shelly's luggage, I really wanted needed a cinnamon roll. I had to drive all the way across town to get one. (And yes, it was really, really good.)

Cinnamon rolls, like bacon, help make life worth living.

The amusing news
Courtesy of my friend Chris, in honor of my newly-minted arch-nemesis (without which no evil genius can be complete), and in recognition of the fact that the whole Friendster thing is overdone (as is, indeed, the whole online-dating thing), I give you:

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