Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

New crowdfunding: Poster reprints for the Map of Human Sexuality!

Some folks who read this blog might recall that it was right here, on this very blog, I first started talking about what would eventually become the Map of Human Sexuality, and first did a crude crowdfunding campaign to make it into a poster.

Well, it's time to do a reprint, and I'm doing another crowdfunding!

This is your chance to grab some posters of the Map of Human Sexuality at a reduced price. Put it in your living room! Put it on a corkboard and stick pins in it! Plan your next adventure with your lover (or lovers!) Score yourself some of my erotic fiction or a copy of the sex game Onyx while you're at it!

You can see the crowdfunding here. Get it while it's hot!
Tags: sex
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