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Check out my new book!

2020 has been a bit shit, no question about it. However, it's also been the most creative year of my entire life, in no small measure because I've been spending all my time at home away from people.

I'm pleased to announce that one of the many projects I've been working on, a new novel with the delightful Eunice Hung, is now coming to fruition.

We have written the first in a series of far-future, post-scarcity erotic science fiction theocracy novels called The Passionate Pantheon. May I present: The Brazen Altar.

The book doesn't publish until May 1, 2021, but you can get a copy before then and also help show there's a market for smart, literate erotica with nuanced characters and rich worldbuilding! The book is live now on Indiegogo, and you can get it early for less than cover price!

The followup novel, Divine Burdens, publishes Fall 2021. Want to find out more about the world of The Passionate Pantheon? The Web site for the series is live! I guarantee you've never seen erotica anything like this before.
Tags: books, creativity, crowdfunding, erotica, sex

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