Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

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What, is it a full moon and I don't know about it? This morning, i got panicked calls from three different clients in three different parts of the country--"My computer won't boot!" I was doing crisis management until two thirty this afternoon. Grr.

Just found out I'm going to LA on business this weekend. Flying out Sunday, doing an install Monday and Tuesday, flying back Tuesday night. This is NOT going to be fun...

Putting the finishing touches on a St. Andrew's Cross I'm building for Shelly, which is fun, even if she does have this silly and misguided notion that I'm going to be tied to it during my birthday party. :) I don't recall birthday floggings as part of the tradition...

Redecorated the computer room, too, a process that involved a good deal of chain and a lot of drywall anchors. Pics later.
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