Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

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Not a happy post

I had planned to make a LiveJournal post about sunyata__'s weekend housewarming party, which was a blast.

This is not that post.

I haven't made that post because I've been working like a madman on a rush project for a new client. In fact, I've been staying up until 1AM working on the project, a PowerPoint presentation for a company called MGT Corporation, which makes wheelchair assist devices.

The project, which would normally take about three weeks cto complete, had a four-day lead time. I got it done, with hours to spare, and the client...

...hated it and doesn't want to pay for it.


To say I'm disappointed would be a disservice to Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. I'm as angry as a great big angry thing.

The post about sunyata__'s party (which will be a lot more interesting than this one and includes ladytabitha) will have to wait.
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