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Getcher pics here! I got pics like the day is long!

Party pics you didn't see on the Webcam, at least of those bits of the party suitable for family viewing.

The robot gun, affixed to the ceiling facing the door. There's a laser pointer in the gun; it's rather quite effective at startling guests.

Party decorations.

Eric is not to be trusted, even if you're heavily armed.

Eric, moving in for the kill...

What the well-dressed bondage fiend is wearing this spring: Basic black and white, and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! No outfit is complete without a powerful sidearm--silenced, of course.

Shelly, the good bondage fairy of the North.

The fridge, before the start of the festivities. Lots of soft drinks and a full rack of test tubes filled with black and gray goo.

Shelly, getting an unbirthday flogging from Yours Truly after the birhday floggings--and by popular request.

We've been finding .762 cartridges in some unlikely places for days since the party. I don't think we've found 'em all yet. Most of them are unspent.
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