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Nothing to see here...move along...

So much going on in my life right now, and I don't really have the time or energy to document it, so just a quick drive-by...

- I downloaded all of Red Hat over the past few days--took two days even on cable. (Teir server is slow.) Now I just need a new hard drive for one of my 'pooters and I can start porting Onyx over to Linux. Hey, even Linux geeks like kinky sex!

- Every time I'm online these days, someone IMs me with "a/s/l?" It's getting really, really annoying. I mean every time. Where are these people finding my screen name??

- I skipped going in to the office on Friday because it was such a beyootiful day out I couldn't bear the thought of being at the office working on Web pages for building control companies. So what did I do instead? Sat in fornt of my computer at home and played video games. *sigh* At least lightgatherer came over yesterday and played with me...which was good, as I missed a LAN party I'd been looking forward to. :(

- ladytabitha keeps emailing me links to the creepiest pictures of spiders on the Net. That's a lot of creep, boyz n girls. I used to think the Internet was the world's largest repository of anonymous slandering and pr0n; now I know better. It's the world's largest repository of anonymous slandering, pr0n, and creepy pictures of spiders. I'm going to have a phobia by the time she's done.

- And speaking of which... ladytabitha == all kinds of crunchy goodness. Now with 37% more spider bits!

- Secret Window is a very good, if creepy and somewhat nasty, bit of moviemaking. Who knew Johnny Depp could act?

- PolyTampa today. That is all.

- [Edit] Edited this entry a half-dozen times already to fix typing mistakes...grr.
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