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Back from Boston, safe and sound, and with many, many pictures to share. These ones are just snapshots with the digital camera. I also did a real shoot with ladytabitha, which I have not had time to start processing and printing yet...I'll post some of those when I do.

Boston's architecture and history sometimes require creative use of space. I love this modern light shop tucked into the space between two old buildings. In Florida, they'd have knocked down both buildings and put in a strip mall.

In all my born days, I've never seen this particular message on a street sign before. Weird.

Trinity Church. I photographed this building the first time I was ever in Boston, in 1992, from this exact spot. I want to compare this picture to the old one and see what's changed.

I like this pic.

Okay, three bonus Geek Points to anyone who can explain the significance of this sign (and this ice cream shop) to GNU/Linux and the Free Software Foundation!

We went exploring the city with wispfox, and came upon an abandoned train siding with a set of huge industrial hoppers.

wispfox on one of the hoppers.

wispfox, Shelly, and a weird thing that wispfox found. I really like old, abandoned industrial complexes.

"No! Absolutely not!"

"Well, okay."

"And they were, like, THIS BIG!"

Dig that look on her face...

ladytabitha, flashing us at Diesel Cafe.

Shelly, a particularly goofy ladytabitha, wispfox, and I.

Friday night, we went out to the B&D Ball at Man Ray. Are these two hot or what?

I think a caption here would be redundant.

It's a dictionary. Just so you know.

I have no caption for this, so I take a small bow.



And whee!

Shelly, at Johnny D's.

Shelly and ladytabitha, same place.

One of the pleasures of the trip: meeting ectropy (finally!), and Bonnie (whose LJ name I sadly do not know).

This pic is cool, if wholly unintended.

Shelly and ladytabitha being schmoopy.

ladytabitha and I, also being schmoopy.

All three of us...

...being way too cute.

Shelly and I being schmoopy.

Freaky statue at Boston Commons.

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