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Memories of Boston, in no particular order

- People everywhere stopping on the street and saying "Can I help you find something?" every time we pulled out a map. Boston people are just so damn...nice.

- Running around abandoned industrial sites, then swinging on the swings with wispfox. She's really, really cool.

- The B&D Ball at Manray's--a guy tried to pick up all three of us! It pays to set your sights high, I suppose...

- Hey, ectropy, did you know the satellite TV thingies they have in the seats on Song flights all run Embedded Red Hat Enterprise Edition? We saw 'em boot! I wanted to get a pic, but my CF card was full...

- And speaking of which, I finally got to meet ectropy in person! She is smart, which I knew, and funny, which I knew, and very cool, which I knew, and techiegeeky, which I knew...I just didn't expect her to be so charmingly goofy. *charmed*

- Grabbing ladytabitha by the hair on our walk down the street, pinning her against the wall, and kissing her.

- ladytabitha doing the same thing to Shelly--prompting a woman to come out of a cafe and run screaming down the street after us shrieking "Disgusting! Disgusting!" at the top of her voice.

- Bonnie wants to help us find a place to live!!! Is that not the coolest thing ever?

- Curling up between Shelly and ladytabitha and falling asleep... *sigh*

- Running around near MIT at night, camera in hand, shooting black and white.

- Catching up with starkaudio--he still has the record of a very...err, interesting time in our lives. It's going to be SO cool to live near him again! I'm really, really looking forward to it.

- Emack & Bolios.

There's more, but it's late, and I'm tired.
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