Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

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I so don't get LJ "ratings" communities

You know, the communities where insecure 13-year-olds get together to judge other insecure 13-year-olds and find out if they're "hot or not."

Silliness, all of it. I don't theink there was ever a time where I'd have found such a thing interesting.

I do, however, appreciate the urge to be ranked by one's peers, though; after all, who can resist the impulse to look down his nose in smarmy self-satisfaction because a bunch of smarmy nitwits said he could?

So, with all the smarminess but 37% less whiny teenage angst, there's:

No Ugly Killing Machines
An LJ ratings community for mechanical death.

Looks like it should be just alias_node's speed...
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